Monday, August 8, 2011


OMG guys it has been too long! the chickens are huge-their home is huge and i am so pissed at them!! they like to eat up my garden!! so prolly no zucchini this year. i *might* have tomatoes...we shall see. they should be laying eggs pretty soon-within the month. We have a new puppy, her name is Mai and she is a Yorkie. She is a pretty good dog...except for last night!!! we are training her to not poop and pee in the middle of the night..on our carpets! she whined all night long!! yes yes i am very very tired!! it wont take her very long though, it didnt take Max very long so i am positive!
We are half way through our kitchen remodel!!! YAY!! we gutted the kitchen, took part of a wall down, took out the flooring, moved plumbing and sheetrocked. tonight we will start taping and mudding. i love the smell of the mud:)
pics of all soon!!