Monday, August 8, 2011


OMG guys it has been too long! the chickens are huge-their home is huge and i am so pissed at them!! they like to eat up my garden!! so prolly no zucchini this year. i *might* have tomatoes...we shall see. they should be laying eggs pretty soon-within the month. We have a new puppy, her name is Mai and she is a Yorkie. She is a pretty good dog...except for last night!!! we are training her to not poop and pee in the middle of the night..on our carpets! she whined all night long!! yes yes i am very very tired!! it wont take her very long though, it didnt take Max very long so i am positive!
We are half way through our kitchen remodel!!! YAY!! we gutted the kitchen, took part of a wall down, took out the flooring, moved plumbing and sheetrocked. tonight we will start taping and mudding. i love the smell of the mud:)
pics of all soon!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tatoos For Cakes!!!

so the family went to Michaels last night for my sons school project and i found TATOOS FOR CAKES, CUPCAKES AND COOKIES!!!! i was very very excited to see this!!!!!!! i didnt buy any:( but i am totally in the mood to bake!!! i love walking the isles! it reminds me of my wonderful friend Malea who always showed me different crafts. Since i live in Oregon and in a smaller house, my daughter and i dont get to *play* Malea on the other will talk about her new craft idea here n there...i think purposely to rub it inl;)
anywho-I WILL GET my house in order so i can bake AND craft it up with my dtr OFTEN!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Its raining again in Portland Oregon! Yes I am getting tired of it. Our Chicken Koop isnt done yet because of this RAIN!! I need sun...SUN SUN SUN!!! I no longer have a tan:( and I think I now have a jacked up perm?? Even if I straighten my hair-my hair still curls up!! *SIGH*
Anywhooo...I have been reading a lot of blogs and signed up for a lot of contests...please check them out!! I personally have won a few;) Cant wait to get them!!! I do have some favorites but PLEASE check all of them out. These ladies have great ideas!! Lots of recipes too!!
My family is doing great! Thinking of a family trip in July..any ideas? Maybe a cruise?? We think the kids need to try something new!!
Remember-CHECK OUT THOSE BLOGS ON MY LIST!! These ladies make me laugh all day and make my day at work that much better:)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi Guys!
well it sure has been a while since i last visited my own blog!! i am getting to know other blogs!! it is so amazing at what is on them!! i love the recipes with pictures and the give aways!! so a lil update, my honey has started on the chicken koop!! He hasnt finished it yet since it snowed, then we got crazy wind and now RAIN!!! i cant wait for SUMMER!! actually, i want spring to come FAST!! i want to start my garden!!! we purchased our home in April 2010 and we have so many projects!!  our next big project will be ............THE KITCHEN!! i cant wait. our kitchen is sooo small:(
anyway, our list for the house keeps growing...but for sure our kitchen will be next!! I will for sure add before and after pics!!
til then..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammys Baby!!

Did you guys catch the Grammys on Sunday? We normally dont watch the full show but this year my dear friend Gail from work, well her some performed!! Only for about 35 seconds but that is still very exciting!! He performed with Justin Beiber & Usher...He is in the group TaikoProject. ( )
My daughter went to the Beiber movie...her and her friends dressed up...HILARIOUS!!!
Valentine's Day was great. My honey sent me 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements-YUMMERZ!! I just have to say...he listened!! We had a nice dinner at home, baked spaghetti, french bread and tirimisu..mmm

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Did you guys see that game?! It is so wonderful when The Steelers Lose!! haha yes i am not a fan. I am not a fan of The Packers but they are the closest thing to The Seahawks;)
I really like Black Eyed Peas and their performance. My kids really enjoyed it as well. Finally, someone popular was performing!! Leah Michelle did great!! She has a beautiful voice and as my son would say-she didnt make the funky singing looks she usually makes on Glee!! Poor Christina Aguilera, she sucked! She not only screwed up the words but she tries too hard! NO ONE wants to hear her go on and on and on....unless you are my husband;) She should have just sang the song and be done with it! I am a fan-yes i know, you cant tell...but I think that her voice just isnt the same anymore. She yells too much-just sing the song girl!!
Anyway, we had a very nice time Sunday. We enjoyed the game, friends, and of course THE FOOD!! My husband just got a smoker and now he wants to smoke EVERYTHING!!! haha-the brisket was yummerz!!
Project chickies hasnt started yet..more to come!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey Guys!!
So guess what!! I caved! We are going to raise chickens..*sigh*..My husband showed me this pic of baby chics and I caved!! hopefully only a few;) and hopefully not right away!!
So as you can see I am following a few blogs. Most of them are of cooking/baking. I suppose that is why I need to lose a few pounds! HAHA but I cant wait to try them!
I have this appointment tomorrow-I am kinda excited and kinda freaked about it. I am finally going to find out what I am allergic to. Ever since we moved to Oregon I have been a mess! Allergies year round is no fun! Having 3-4 sinus infections a year..NO FUN. One thing I am really excited about is getting tested on this gluten allergy. My dr thinks it could be possible..I'm hoping that I am not. Again back to the blogs I am following, they have awesome recipes..but gluten galore!! haha
Well, I should go for now. I just received a text/picture from my sister in Cali (one of them) my nephew is in the hospital...on his way to x ray...I pray he is ok!!!
Until next time...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hi guys,
I'm still trying to figure out how to follow other blogs!! other than is on in the because the Seahawks arent playing:(
My weekend started off REALLY crazy! My daughter had a slumber party Friday night. Luckily, my son was smart enough to stay at a friends house.
 IT WAS LOUD! talked to my uncle Cuco...he had to get off the phone pretty quick...TOO LOUD!! HAHA but they all had fun.
Went to the mall Saturday to watch my daughters classmate perform. he is pretty good..him AND his brother! i have posted them on my Facebook before. you should check them out on youtube! i think their name is octriplethreat.
Today is just a lazy day at home. laundry,nails, football, blog & bbq.
So heres a new thought...having chickens in the backyard!! WHAAAT?!?! exactly...thats exactly what i said when my wonderful husband said he looked into it last night on the computer!! i dunno about you guys but i dont know if i can do this. raise chickens? originally from California and growing up, my thought was ALWAYS, eggs, meat, cheese all came from the grocery store!! thats right, eggs didnt come from chickens!! meat didnt come from hunting, they came from well....mostly my uncle Cuco..he was a butcher at a store!! and cheese came from that lil old man on his bicycle with cheese in his that was the best cheese EVER!! haha..this is a bit much for me to comprehend...i do trust my husband. i mean..i have tried deer meat. yeah and it was pretty good. our old neighbors made buffalo lasagna one time and that was pretty good too...untill they told me what it was-now that was a disappointment! but still good. my mother in law made bear..but also told me while eating it..bad bad bad..but that too was good. yeah so next time...dont tell me until AFTER dessert!! when all is consumed..and maybe a few shots later..haha
i will keep u posted on this chicken in the backyard ordeal...

well, i think i need to finish my nails. my daughters nails as well. i bought her some new*crackle* polish that just came out. pretty cool.

email me...toodles

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hi Everyone!
well this is my very first blog! i have no idea what im doing! so if you have any suggestions...please send them my way. i would like to know how to follow a blog. where would i find other blogs?
soooo i guess this is all you will get for now....a lil preview for next time?  it might be about cooking, baking, weight loss, or my family:)