Monday, April 4, 2011


Its raining again in Portland Oregon! Yes I am getting tired of it. Our Chicken Koop isnt done yet because of this RAIN!! I need sun...SUN SUN SUN!!! I no longer have a tan:( and I think I now have a jacked up perm?? Even if I straighten my hair-my hair still curls up!! *SIGH*
Anywhooo...I have been reading a lot of blogs and signed up for a lot of contests...please check them out!! I personally have won a few;) Cant wait to get them!!! I do have some favorites but PLEASE check all of them out. These ladies have great ideas!! Lots of recipes too!!
My family is doing great! Thinking of a family trip in July..any ideas? Maybe a cruise?? We think the kids need to try something new!!
Remember-CHECK OUT THOSE BLOGS ON MY LIST!! These ladies make me laugh all day and make my day at work that much better:)

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