Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi Guys!
well it sure has been a while since i last visited my own blog!! i am getting to know other blogs!! it is so amazing at what is on them!! i love the recipes with pictures and the give aways!! so a lil update, my honey has started on the chicken koop!! He hasnt finished it yet since it snowed, then we got crazy wind and now RAIN!!! i cant wait for SUMMER!! actually, i want spring to come FAST!! i want to start my garden!!! we purchased our home in April 2010 and we have so many projects!!  our next big project will be ............THE KITCHEN!! i cant wait. our kitchen is sooo small:(
anyway, our list for the house keeps growing...but for sure our kitchen will be next!! I will for sure add before and after pics!!
til then..

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