Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Did you guys see that game?! It is so wonderful when The Steelers Lose!! haha yes i am not a fan. I am not a fan of The Packers but they are the closest thing to The Seahawks;)
I really like Black Eyed Peas and their performance. My kids really enjoyed it as well. Finally, someone popular was performing!! Leah Michelle did great!! She has a beautiful voice and as my son would say-she didnt make the funky singing looks she usually makes on Glee!! Poor Christina Aguilera, she sucked! She not only screwed up the words but she tries too hard! NO ONE wants to hear her go on and on and on....unless you are my husband;) She should have just sang the song and be done with it! I am a fan-yes i know, you cant tell...but I think that her voice just isnt the same anymore. She yells too much-just sing the song girl!!
Anyway, we had a very nice time Sunday. We enjoyed the game, friends, and of course THE FOOD!! My husband just got a smoker and now he wants to smoke EVERYTHING!!! haha-the brisket was yummerz!!
Project chickies hasnt started yet..more to come!!

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